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Design and nature. Progress and planet. Innovation and impact.
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We are a platform for a sustainable future.

Venture Studio

This is where we meet to drive the green economy forward.

With our nature-first approach, we design, fund, and launch innovative ideas that leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

Family of Brands

This is where we meet to harness the full potential of sustainable solutions.

Uniting a diverse range of capabilities, resources, and talent, our portfolio is a transformative force.

Research & Advisory

This is where we meet to embark on a better way of building.

With insightful guidance and practical solutions, we enable our partners to become socially conscious and ecologically responsible.

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Plontur Group unites visionaries, entrepreneurs, and changemakers with a shared desire to better our world. 

The spaces we create are where we meet, connecting, collaborating, and co-creating with respect for nature.

We challenge assumptions, reimagining our relationship with the planet.

We build for impact, creating sustainable, empowering spaces.

Here is where ideas become action, shaping a better tomorrow, together.

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Five-point philosophies of PlonturGroup

We abide by these principles for decision-making and action.

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Nature is our inspiration.

We are inspired and guided by nature, and we co-create with nature. We recognize and respect its importance in our world. We strive to mimic its way in our work.

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Design is intelligence made visible.

We approach problem-solving with empathy, focusing on user needs. Design is our language, making complex ideas accessible and enhancing user experiences.

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Business as a force for good.

Ventures can become catalysts for positive change. We prioritize creating shared value and contributing to communities and the environment.

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Innovation is our way of life.

Innovation is ingrained in our culture. We continuously seek solutions and improve our platform, benefiting both our clients and the planet. 

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Collaboration is the way to go.

We can achieve more when we work together. With our diverse perspectives and collective capabilities, we can create effective, action-oriented change.

News and Insights

Join the conversation on sustainable business landscapes and the what the future looks like for the next generations.

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